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"As a dedicated bowhunter, I see many deer in the daylight and twilight hours. This painting catches a glimpse into the life of a deer late at night, when we seldom see them."  ~ Michael Sieve

Complete Set of Six Prints
Edition Size: 6327

Image size: 27-1/2"w x 17"l
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The Survival Series by Michael Sieve

Trophy bucks conquer adversity in the dramatic Survival Series

This limited edition print series examines the keen instincts and acute senses of trophy bucks and how they observe the rules of survival. "Seeing a trophy buck is the ultimate thrill for any whitetail fanatic. The handsome, curving antlers of a mature buck make him one of Nature's most striking creatures, and among the sportsman's most revered trophies. But mature bucks are exceedingly rare. The odds against a whitetail surviving the three years it takes to grow large antlers are staggering. In many hunting areas, 80% of bucks live to grow only one set of antlers. The remaining bucks, those that escape hunters, predators, automobiles and accidents, are true survivors. Armed with instinct and experience, these trophy bucks survive by following a strict set of rules. Some deer observe those rules so well they die of old age. But every autumn an handfull will make only one mistake - and become a lucky hunter's deer of a lifetime." ~ Michael Sieve

Rule Number One -- Wait 'Til Dark by Michael Sieve
Rule Number One - "Wait 'Til Dark"

In most areas of whitetail country, a mature buck may be the most elusive of trophies. Just seeing a heavy-antlered buck during daylight hours can be a daunting challenge. Spend a summer evening glassing a remote, protected field and you may spot a trophy buck emerge at woods edge as shadows lengthen. But as summer relents to the shorter days of autumn, older bucks grow increasingly reluctant to show themselves during daylight hours. Restricting their movements to the blackness of night, trophy bucks become ghostlike and invisible.

Seasoned hunters are familiar with this phenomenon. We say "my buck has gone nocturnal," and our companions nod knowingly. It is among the whitetail hunter's most frustrating situation - large rubs continue to appear in hunting areas, scrapes are pawed out and freshened, tracks that could be left by only one buck taunt us - yet hours of hunting produce no sightings of the deer. We know the buck has fallen back on one of the whitetail's oldest and most trusted tricks: waiting until dark.

Why do whitetails exhibit this behavior? Some say bucks "learn" from the bad experiences they encounter with hunters during daylight hours and "know" that hunting season is on. Others contend that nocturnal movement is a natural survival behavior of older deer, that autumn leaf fall exposes cover and makes bucks more nervous and wary. Whatever the reason, it can be argued that, of the survival rules a buck must follow, this is undoubtedly one of the most important. A trophy whitetail can disregard virtually every rule he's learned and, as long as he breaks those rules under cover of darkness, he will survive.

Rule Number Two - Play the Wind by Michael Sieve
Rule Number Two - "Play the Wind"

Rule Number Three - Find a Refuge by Michael Sieve
Rule Number Three - "Find a Refuge"

Rule Number Four - Ladies First  by Michael Sieve
Rule Number Four - "Ladies First"

Rule Number Five - Hold Tight by Michael Sieve
Rule Number Five - "Hold Tight"

Relying on natural camouflage and a carefully selected bedding area, trophy bucks have learned that stillness means safety. They're obeying Survival Rule Number Five, "Hold Tight".

Rule Number Six - Get Lucky by Michael Sieve
Rule Number Six - "Get Lucky"

Sixth in the Survival Series - The Survival Series celebrates the keen instincts and acute senses of trophy bucks and how they observe the rules of survival.

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